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BioMinus Grids are hydrophilic TEM grids with negative surface charge that promote non-specific electrostatic bonding to biomolecules to improve the quality and reproducibility of TEM sample preparation. BioMinus Grids can be used to adsorb antibodies, proteins, and various other species through a carboxylate-modified surface. Positive partial surface charge from functional groups on biomolecules such as primary amines (lysine) show an affinity for the negatively-charged BioMinus grids resulting in uniform coverage across the grids surface.

Using simple preparation protocols, BioMinus TEM grids save valuable time and money by improving sample dispersion across the grids and by eliminating sample preparation-induced artifacts including aggregation and drying effects. BioMinus Grids are easily adaptable for positive and negative stains due to their hydrophilic surface as well as non-staining methods such as cryoEM.

BioMinus grids can also be used in a wide variety of biological assays including on-grid affinity purification, immunoassays, and and targeting assays to improve the wuality of the samples and resulting data. BioMinus grids are used with some of our LinkedON BioKits to enable immobilization of proteins to the grid surface through direct conjugation. For more information on affinity purification, immunoassays, and single particle analysis, please see our applications page.

BioMinus TEM Grids are now available with three different membranes types including our original SiO2 membranes and frames (no membranes), our 15 nm Si3N4 membranes and, most recently, our C-SMART carbon membranes that are setting a new standard for direct (unstained) imaging using cryoEM, electron tomography, and low voltage EM.

Ordering: To order SMART Grids, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct window size and thickness for your applications, see our configuration page.

BioMinus SiO2 and Si3N4 TEM Grids

Select Window and Pack Size:

Cat# Membrane Window Size Pack Size Price Order

BG00-071ANo membranes50x50 um10/pk$350.00
BG01-071A25 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
BG02-071A75 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
BG04-071A15 nm SiN50x50 um10/pk$350.00
C-SMART MINUS functionalized carbon TEM Grids

Cat# Short_Desc Membrane type Support mesh Sold As Price Order
SC01-071AC-SMART Minus10 nm C400 mesh Cu25/pk$375.00
SC01-071BC-SMART Minus3 nm C on holey C400 mesh Cu25/pk$375.00