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BioPEG Grids are hydrophilic SMART Grids that have been functionalized with polyethyleneglycol (PEG). The PEG coating is intrinsically inert towards the adsorption of proteins, cells and other biomolecules, thus providing a zero-background starting surface. Standard bio-conjugation chemistry (e.g. using biotin moieties) may be used to covalently link biomolecules to the PEG surface.

BioPEG grids are currently available with SiO2 membranes. BioPEG SMART SiN grids and C-SMART Grids can be produced upon request.

Ordering: To order SMART Grids, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct window size and thickness for your applications, see our configuration page or contact us.

BioPEG Grids

Select Window and Pack Size:

Cat# Membrane Window Size Pack Size Price Order

BG00-021ANo membranes50x50 um10/pk$350.00
BG01-021A25 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
BG02-021A75 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00