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Protein A

Dune Sciences’ Protein A Grids provide a radical new approach to TEM sample preparation for electron microscopy of biomolecules. In essence, Protein A Grids are an affinity platform for small-scale isolation and purification of immunoglobulins and immunoprecipitation of proteins and viruses directly on the grid surface.

Protein A exhibits high affinity for subclasses of IgG from many species including human, rabbit and mouse (1). Binding of IgG occurs mainly through the Fc region which increases the concentration of exposed antigen binding sites on the grid surface . Protein A Grids utilize Protein A purified from S. Aureus that is covalently coupled to the SMART Grids surface. The linkage is stable over a wide pH range that permits the immunoprecipitation of target proteins from crude cell lysates using a selected primary antibody. The binding capacity of the grid will depend on the initial concentration of antibodies in the sample and the source of the antibody.

BioGrids<sup>TM</sup> Scheme

Protein A Grids dramatically simplify sample preparation by eliminating the need for columns, centrifugations, or time-consuming purification and pre-treatment of your samples. Starting sample can be saliva, plasma, ascites, serum, and tissue culture or hybridoma supernatants. Total sample preparation time is less than 30 minutes for most samples. A simple step-by-step protocol is included with Protein A grid purchase. User must supply antibody.

Protein A Grids can be used in a wide variety of applications including single particle analysis, viral diagnostics, cryoEM, wet-STEM, and structural biology.

Ordering: To order SMART Grids, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct window size and thickness for your applications, see our configuration page.

SiO2 and Si3N4 Protein A TEM Grids

Select Window and Pack Size:

Cat# Membrane Window Size Pack Size Price Order

BG01-081A25 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$500.00
BG02-081A75 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$500.00
C-SMART Protein A TEM Grids

Cat# Short_Desc Membrane type Support mesh Sold As Price Order
SC01-081AC-SMART Protein A10 nm C400 mesh Cu10/pk$400.00
SC01-081BC-SMART Protein A3 nm C on holey C400 mesh Cu10/pk$400.00


  • (1) Harlow, E. and Lane D. (1988) Bacterial Cell Wall Proteins that Bind Antibodies. Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual, 615-619.