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Hydrophobic TEM grids are functionalized with alkyl chains (n=8) to create a hydrophobic surface with a contact angle >100°. They are invaluable for the deposition of materials from organic solvents or for materials that have an intrinsically hydrophobic surface during TEM sample preparation. Hydrophobic grids prevent aggregation of hydrophobic materials while drying. Examples of these types of materials include carbon nanotubes and fullerenes, quantum dots, FIB lamella, DNA and any alkylated materials. Please see our applications page for more information.

Hydrophobic SMART TEM grids are available with SiO2 and Si3N4 membranes or as Si frames.


(left) Schematic of hydrophilic contact angle. (right) Contact angle measurement.

Ordering: To order SMART Grids, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct window size and thickness for your applications, see our configuration page.

NanoHydrophobic SiO2 and Si3N4 TEM Grids

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Cat# Membrane Window Size Pack Size Price Order

NG00-101ANo membranes50x50 um10/pk$350.00
NG01-101A25 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
NG02-101A75 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
NG04-101A15 nm SiN50x50 um10/pk$350.00
NanoBasic 3

(left) Bright field image of 0.8 nm Au NPs functionalized with triphenylphospine. (middle) Bright field image of 1.5 nm Au NPs functionalized with triphenylphospine. (right) Bright field image of Ge nanocrystals deposited from trichloroethylene. Image courtesy of Michael Haag.