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NanoNeutral TEM grids are hydrophilic and are functionalized with polyethyleneglycol (PEG) to promote hydrogen bonding to the grid. Nanoneutral grids can be used to deposit nanomaterials with neutral surface charge such as dextran-stabilized Fe2O3 NPs and materials stabilized with nonionic surfactants. Surface helps minimize drying effects during TEM sample preparation.

NanoNeutral TEM grids are now available with functionalized carbon, SiO2, or Si3N4 membrane windows.

Ordering: To order SMART Grids, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct grids for your applications, please visit the configuration page or C-SMART functionalized carbon TEM grids page.

NanoNeutral SiO2 and Si3N4 TEM Grids

Select Window and Pack Size:

Cat# Membrane Window Size Pack Size Price Order

NG00-021ANo membranes50x50 um10/pk$350.00
NG01-021A25 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
NG02-021A75 nm SiO250x50 um10/pk$350.00
C-SMART Hydrophilic functionalized carbon TEM Grids

Cat# Short_Desc Membrane type Support mesh Sold As Price Order
SC01-011AC-SMART Hydrophilic10 nm C400 mesh Cu25/pk$375.00
SC01-011BC-SMART Hydrophilic3 nm C on holey C400 mesh Cu25/pk$375.00
NanoBasic 3

(left) Bright field TEM image of 0.8 nm Au NP functionalized with mercaptoethoxyethanol. (middle) HAADF STEM image of 2 nm Au NPs stabilized with mercaptoethoxyethanol. (right) Bright field TEM image of silver NPs functionalized with polysorbate.